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Whether you’re planning on spending a day at the beach or going camping for a week, nobody likes carrying around those folding chairs. But, if you want to be a bit comfortable during your stay, you have to. Right? The Amsterdam based start-up Trono came up with a solution: an inflatable chair that you can take anywhere and that is ready for use within ten seconds. We have two of these, so time for a Trono review!


And although an inflatable chair does not really sound innovative, the designers of the Trono have delivered a special product with this chair. Take a look at the video they made about it:


With this chair, the designers wanted to create a chair that makes relaxing easier. The result is a compact, comfortable, inflatable seat that is easy to use. With a Trono you can relax in no time, wherever you are!


Trono review Dutchies Abroad

In the parc, at the beach, in the forest or in the snow

A Trono can be used on pretty much all surfaces. It is ideal for a day at the beach, but also great if you want to chill during a skiing or snowboarding holiday. You can take the chair anywhere in the bag that you get with it when you buy a Trono. And you don’t have to worry about the weight it will add to your backpack because it weighs less than a kilo. If you’re chilling on a windy beach and are afraid that a gust of wind might blow your chair away, just take a pair of pegs and firmly attach your Trono to the ground, using the handy loops on the bottom of the chair. 

A Trono is perfect for camping trips. On a campside or in the wild! 


Overal comfortabel zitten op een Trono

A chair that fits in the glove compartment of your car

Inflating your Trono

Time for the ultimate test, how easy is it to inflate a Trono? According to the designers, the chair should be ready for use within ten seconds. I can tell you: we have not achieved that in the months that we have had ours. But it does not have to take you much longer! First, take the chair out of the package, find the opening and make sure that the seat is facing away from you. Keep the opening open with two hands and slowly move 360 degrees to let the air in. Then close your opening and zip the water-repellent suede cover on it. Voilà: your Trono is ready for use.


But, when you ask me, it isn’t as easy as the guy in the video makes it look. Actually, the first time we tried to inflate it, resulted in Juul running on the street to get sufficient air in… It is just a little trick that you have to master. As I don’t yet have the skills needed, I just let Juul do it 🙂

Is it comfortable? 

Anyone who has ever sat in an inflatable chair probably has one question left: is it comfortable? Because most inflatable furniture isn’t known for its seating comfort. Before we used our Tronos for the first time, our expectations were not too high either. But they are actually really comfortable! The designers opted for high-quality materials and you immediately feel that when you take your Trono out of the packaging. And because of the suede fabric of the zip-off cover, you don’t have to worry about being stuck to your Trono on a hot summers day (how charming). And is your cover a bit dirty? Then just put it in the washing machine!


Op een Trono in de sneeuw


Although the Trono does well on all kinds of surfaces, you can use a bottom protector, for example on sharp rocks. And do you want to use yours on the beach or near water? Then the beach cover made from towel fabric is a nice addition. And to make sure everybody knows that Trono means business when they say they want to create ‘your perfect chair, everywhere’, they’ve just announced a special Trono kids chair!


The standard Trono is available in blue, green, orange and bronze and costs $69,- at Amazon.

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Disclaimer: We got our Trono’s from Trono in Amsterdam. However, the opinion I expressed in this article is totally my own 🙂

Trono review - our thoughts








Easy to inflate





  • Nice design
  • Sturdy materials
  • Light weight
  • Easy to take with you
  • Suitable for almost every surface


  • Quick inflation takes some skills
  • Too carrying bad the bag isn't a backpack
  • Price may scare you at first


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