Review: traveling with a Gaston Luga bag

Your big backpack or suitcase is essential during traveling. But it’s not always the best thing to carry when you’re exploring the jungle, going shopping or when you’re just being lazy on the beach… That’s where the bags from a stylish new Swedish brand come in! We got to try one of the Gaston Luga bags and we must say, it definitely didn’t disappoint! 

We decided to get the Pråper bag, a model that is suitable for both men and women. As are most of the Gaston Luga bags, by the way. We chose the olive and black color because it blends right in with the jungle we’re currently exploring on Malaysian Borneo.

About the Gaston Luga bag

The Pråper model is 42 x 30 x 15 cm and weighs about a kilo when it’s empty. It is made out of durable canvas and a vegan leather called PU-leather. It really looks and feels like real leather, but it’s just a bit more animal-friendly 😉 The ‘leather’ parts on the bag feel very sturdy and are easy to clean as well. The canvas makes it lighter and more comfortable to carry.

Tried and tested

As I mentioned before, I put this bag to the test in the burning Malaysian sun. The leather held up perfectly, as did the rest of the bag. I also really like the metal ‘feet’ Gaston Luga put on the bottom of this bag. It prevents the bottom from coming into contact with the surface, protecting the canvas and making the bag more durable. I felt like I could take this bag anywhere, so I did! I went shopping in Kuala Lumpur, walked thru old houses and looked for street-art in Ipoh, took it to the dense forests in the Cameron Highlands, used it to carry my beach essentials on one of the tropical islands in Borneo and last but not least: walked thru the immensely hot jungle along the Kinabatangan river.

Streetart in Ipoh

I was supposed to send this bag back home with my mother and sister, who came over to visit from the Netherlands. But I decided to keep it with me and use it on our world trip!

I love the simplistic design of the bag. It looks and feels very durable and elegant. And don’t let the unisex thing put you off, I never felt like I was carrying a man’s bag, but I am sure it will look good on Juul too!

Let’s dig inside!

I am very picky with the inside of my bags. As I don’t like having to search for my stuff. The Pråper was almost perfect for me. Inside you’ll find a big compartment as well as a separate part for storing a 13″ laptop. I could even fit mine in with a cover, but only just. There are two more small pockets inside the bag for storing your phone, wallet or keys. I would have liked an additional pocket that can be closed with a zipper, for extra safekeeping in areas were pickpockets are lurking around every corner. But I do feel the bag can be closed properly by the vegan leather strings and the hooks attaching to the front of the bag (which feels surprisingly smooth, btw 🙂 ).

Don’t you just hate having to dig for your passport at the airport? Or when you just cannot find your phone because you have too much stuff in your bag? Well, this bag is just made for travelers, as the smart pocket on the back proves. It’s perfect to store your passport or phone, as it’s both safe and easily accessible in this way!

Passport pocket in Pråper bag

The last thing you want, at least in the heat of the jungle on Malaysian Borneo, is carrying a bag that makes you sweat even more… Luckily, the fabric of the bag doesn’t stick to your skin that much and it’s comfortable to carry for a longer period of time. The shoulder straps are adjustable, but I feel like they could have added a hole or two to make it fit better on smaller backs. The straps itself are made out of canvas too, but when carrying it for a longer period of time and the bag is quite heavily loaded, they do cut into your skin a bit.

The Pråper bag is priced at €149,- which can be considered pricey. But the materials used, it’s design and the animal-friendly production justify its price for me.

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Gaston Luga Stockholm tote bag eng


Full disclosure: we got this bag from Gaston Luga to test it. However, the opinion presented in this blog is totally my own. Any questions? Please contact us!

Gaston Luga Pråper bag











  • Sturdy materials
  • Great design
  • Unisex, but stylish!
  • Almost perfect interior


  • Pricey
  • Shoulder straps can cut into your skin


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