22 amazing and cheap Airbnb accommodations in Asia

Beste Airbnb accommodatie in Azië

If you’re traveling in Asia, chances are you’ll end up in one of the many Airbnb accommodations in Asia sooner or later. But there are so many listings on the website… Where to start? We’ve gathered 22 awesome accommodations all over South East Asia! Besides being totally unique, most of these places to sleep will […]

Proof of onward travel: 5 ways to prevent problems with a one-way ticket

Bewijs van doorreis bij enkele vliegtickets boeken

Are you planning to travel the world on a one-way ticket? Great idea! This might seem like the best way to travel if you’re a little flexible and like your freedom. But here’s the deal: you might be at risk of not even leaving your airport of origin because you’re not able to show proof […]

[2023 UPDATE] Rules for hand luggage: size and weight limits

Rules for hand luggage

Every airline has their own restrictions to it: rules for hand luggage. How heavy can your hand luggage be? And how big? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s an overview of the rules for your hand luggage for the best-known airlines! If you’re traveling with just hand luggage, you can save a lot on […]

SIM card in Nepal: which one to buy?

SIM card in Nepal

Using data roaming on your phone while traveling can harm your hard-saved budget pretty hard. You want to keep in touch with your friends and family. You want them to be able to contact you in case something happens, so you probably don’t want to change your phone number. We had the same dilemma when […]

Review: traveling with a Gaston Luga bag

Test Gaston Luga bag

Your big backpack or suitcase is essential during traveling. But it’s not always the best thing to carry when you’re exploring the jungle, going shopping or when you’re just being lazy on the beach… That’s where the bags from a stylish new Swedish brand come in! We got to try one of the Gaston Luga […]

6 reasons to visit Vesterålen NOW!

6 redenen waarom je nu naar de Vesterålen moet

It may not come as a surprise that the northern part of Norway is the place to be when you’re into nature, peace, and quiet. You might even have heard of the Lofoten islands being a must visit. But chances are, nobody told you about Vesterålen yet! And that’s a real shame if you ask […]

6 reasons to visit Mallorca

Viewpoint op Mallorca

Chances are, you’ve heard about Mallorca’s shady reputation as a party island. During summer, the beaches around Palma de Mallorca are packed with teenagers and twenty-somethings looking to party. If that’s not something you’re into, you might think about skipping the Balearic island altogether. But don’t! Because you’ll miss out on all the awesome things the […]

What is altitude sickness and what can you do about it?


It is often thought that it is something that you only encounter at high altitudes such as in Himalayas: altitude sickness. But you’re at risk as ‘low’ as 2,500 meters. More and more places in the world are becoming accessible to tourists, including beautiful mountain areas where you have a real chance of suffering from […]

Everything you need to know about malaria when traveling


Getting the right vaccines is an important part of preparing for your trip. But you can’t get a shot for every disease out there. There’s been a lot of discussion about malaria for instance. And rightly so, because apart from that malaria is damn annoying, it can also be life-threatening.   First of all: I am […]

Photoblog: why you should experience winter in Slovenia

Winter in Slovenië

Slovenia is booming as a holiday destination in summer. And rightly so, it’s a beautiful country! But did you know that the winter in Slovenia is at least as impressive? After spending several summers in Slovenia, we wanted to experience the country in a completely different state. Something we have not regretted at all. But […]