Photoblog: why you should experience winter in Slovenia

Slovenia is booming as a holiday destination in summer. And rightly so, it’s a beautiful country! But did you know that the winter in Slovenia is at least as impressive? After spending several summers in Slovenia, we wanted to experience the country in a completely different state. Something we have not regretted at all. But the most impressive thing was the absurdly beautiful nature!

We were in luck, during our trip to Slovenia there was about 50 centimeter of fresh snow! Which made the gorgeous nature all the more impressive. Check it out!

Winter in Slovenië - Zelenci-bronThe Zelenci lake is located in a small nature reserve in Podkoren, Kranjska Gora, which is easily accessible by car. It is the source of the Sava Dolinka, the main source river of the Sava. When you go in the morning, you’ll see the sun coming from behind the mountains and shining on the lake. A big recommendation!

Winter in Slovenië - Zelenci-bron vanuit de lucht‘Zelenci’ translates to ‘green’. And as you can see, the lake is called Zelenci for a reason.


Wintervakantie in SloveniëThe short walk leading up to Zelenci is also beautiful in winter!

Slovenië - Meer van Bohinje in de winterLake Bohinj, where in the summertime you’ll have to fight to get a decent spot to enjoy the view… The difference couldn’t be bigger in winter.

Wintervakantie in Slovenië - Uitzicht op het meer van BohinjWhen you drive past lake Bohinj, all the way to the other side, park your car at the car park and walk for 30 minutes to the Savica waterfall, you’ll get treated by this gorgeous view! If you look closely, you can still see lake Bohinj.

Winter in Slovenië - Vintgar kloofDuring winter, the main part of the popular Vintgar gorge close to Bled is closed. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of the gorge by hiking up a trail parallel to the river.

Winter in Slovenië - SočaThe Soča river is known for its emerald colors. In summer it’s a very popular place to go kayaking or rafting. Even though the temperatures are too low to go on the water, you can still enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Winter in Slovenië - Soča vanuit de lucht

Wintervakantie in Slovenië - Soča-valleiGet out of the car in random places when you’re in the Soča valley. Beautiful hidden gems everywhere!

Winter in Slovenië - Savica-waterval vanuit de luchtThe Martuljek waterfall is one of many waterfalls in Slovenia. The hike up there is a little challenging in winter, but also very stunning!

De Martuljek waterval is één van de vele watervallen in Slovenië. De wandeling er naartoe in de winter is een leuke uitdaging en gigantisch mooi!Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Slovenië in de winter - Meer van BledAround lake Bled there’re some viewpoints. Ojstrica, located above Camping Bled, is one of the most popular ones. During summertime, you’ll have to get in line to take one quick shot before you’ll be pushed over by the next person who wants to take a selfie with Slovenia’s most popular lake… During winter the path leading up here might be a bit slippery, but you’ll probably have this view to yourself!

Zonsondergang in SloveniëAlmost every night we enjoyed beautiful sunsets like this one!

Wintervakantie in Slovenië - TriglavOur favorite spot in Slovenia, the highest mountain in the country: mount Triglav. Unfortunately, it’s quite dangerous to go up there in the wintertime, but looking at it in these circumstances wasn’t too bad either!

Slovenië in de winter - Bohinjska BistricaJust hit a random path during winter in Slovenia! We drove up a mountain road (which was all cleared from snow) at the little town called Bohinjska Bistrica and parked our car at a random spot and just walked. We ended up all alone in the middle of nowhere. Then you really experience the beauty and tranquility of nature!

Winter in Slovenië - Peričnik-watervalBecause of the snow, the road from Mojstrana leading up to Triglav National Park was closed. We decided to go on by foot and came across the beautiful Peričnik waterfall. Wow!

Winter in Slovenië - Peričnik-waterval vanuit de lucht

Slovenië in de winter - NomenjEven the meadows turn into a winter wonderland when covered by snow!

Slovenië in de winter - Grmeċica-watervalThe Grmeċica waterfall is the ending of a popular canyoning rout in summer. In wintertime, you won’t see a soul in this area, which makes the twenty-minute hike through thick snow up here quite challenging.

Winter in Slovenië - Don't grow up
Don’t grow up, it’s a trap 😀

So? Did we convince you to experience winter in Slovenia? Or do you have any tips for other places we should check out in winter? Tell us!

More inspiration?

Looking to visit Slovenia during the summer? Don’t forget to check out the beautiful Triglav National Park and maybe even hike up Mount Triglav?


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