Our experience at Residence Soča: where nature meets luxury

During our recent trip to Slovenia in March, we had the pleasure of spending two nights at Residence Soča, a stunning accommodation nestled in the heart of the Soča Valley. A part of Slovenia we don’t visit often enough. The natural beauty of the area is truly breathtaking, and Residence Soča offers the perfect blend of luxury and nature.

The location of Residence Soča is unbeatable for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. Surrounded by mountains and the famous Soča River, it’s the perfect place to unwind or explore. I mean, where else can you find such a magical combo?

Not only is the location stunning, but the accommodation itself was also a real treasure. Let’s take a closer look!

How did we end up there?

We had just finished the grueling Highlander Kamnik Savinja Alps in September 2022, where we hiked through rain and even snow almost every day. It was then that we received a message from Residence Soča on our Instagram inbox. Although we get many collaboration requests, this one stood out. Slovenian companies have a special place in our hearts (sorry, not sorry…) and we were intrigued by the stunning photos of their brand new accommodation located by the pristine Soča River.

But it was September, we had just returned to the Netherlands, so visiting Residence Soča wasn’t really practical for us at the time.

Fast forward to March 2023 and we’re back in Slovenia! To do some snowboarding, but also to explore the area around the Soča River. And this time a visit to Residence Soča is definitely on our list 😉

And we didn’t regret that decision for a moment.

We were immediately struck by the tranquility of the place from the moment we arrived. The luxurious surroundings only added to our amazement. While we’re not picky about where we sleep, (heck, we can sleep in a tiny hiking tent) this was definitely on a whole other level!

Geen verkeerd plekje om te werken
Bergview vanuit Residence Soca
Een prachtige ligging tegen de bergen

We were given a studio apartment for two nights, and we received the ‘A break for two’ package, consisting of:

  • 1 basket of local delicacies for breakfast
  • Bottle of Frelih sparkling wine
  • 1 basket of local ingredients to cook dinner ourselves
  • 1 dessert for 2 people
  • 30-minute duo massage
  • Use of the outdoor sauna
  • iPad with tips for the area
  • Free rental of board games
  • Free rental of hiking poles + customized hiking advice

A tour of our studio appartment:

Juul’s first massage!

Part of the ‘A break for two’ package we received was a 30-minute massage. Well, that was quite an experience. It was actually Juul’s first time getting a massage, but it didn’t quite meet his expectations. On the other hand, I really enjoy massages in general, and this one in particular. They really allow me to completely unwind and I feel completely relaxed afterwards. What more could you ask for?

Juul fancied the outdoor sauna much more. He got so into it that he decided that he’ll visit the sauna for a whole day later this year, once we’re back in the Netherlands. In this case, he seems to like it more than I do 😉

Heerlijk ontspannen na een massage en bezoek aan de sauna in de socavallei

Feeling zen after a visit to the sauna and a massage

Cooking delicious local food

There aren’t many restaurants nearby. At least not within walking distance, let alone open during the period we were there (mid-March). But that’s not a problem. We just cooked for ourselves! I like to cook at home and it was great to do that here too. As part of the ‘A Break for Two’ package, we received a basket with local ingredients and a recipe. Which It turned out to be some kind of local style potato/cheese pancake. And it was so good! Especially accompanied by a glass of wine. No complaints here 🙂

Eten maken in Residence Soca

So was breakfast by the way!

Ontbijttas van Residence soca
Het heerlijke ontbijt van Residence Soca

Hiking through the Soča Valley

Anyway, of course we didn’t just come to this accommodation for the food, sauna, and lovely massages. No judgment if you did, though ;-). We also wanted to do a beautiful hike!

The friendly ladies at the reception advised us about the hiking options in the area. Because we were so early in the season, there was still a chance of snow at higher altitudes. Juul had already trudged through enough snow with his low hiking boots earlier that week, so we had seen enough snow for a while!

Luckily, there was more than enough to choose from with limited snow. We ultimately chose to climb Svinjak, or as it’s known: the Slovenian Matterhorn.

Een tocht naar de Sloveense Matterhorn

This mountain does indeed share some resemblance with the Swiss Matterhorn, but with a peak at 1653 meters, it is quite a bit lower. Juul wasn’t feeling great today, we had a goat following us almost the entire hike, and the weather wasn’t really cooperating either, but still: the views were worth it!

Check out the hike on Komoot.

For those seeking a more leisurely activity, the Velika korita Soče is just a short walk away and is a beautiful spot to take in the turquoise waters of the Soča River as it flows through a picturesque gorge.

Uitstapje naar Velika korita Soče vanuit Residence Soca
Een eenzaam slotje bij Velika korita Soče

In short, Residence Soča is the perfect base to explore the beautiful Soča Valley. Whether you’re looking for adventure, peace, or a combination of both, Residence Soča is the place to be. Our next stay at this lovely accommodation is already booked 😉

Residence Soca by night

Want to know more? Check out the website of Residence Soča.


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