6 reasons to visit Mallorca

Chances are, you’ve heard about Mallorca’s shady reputation as a party island. During summer, the beaches around Palma de Mallorca are packed with teenagers and twenty-somethings looking to party. If that’s not something you’re into, you might think about skipping the Balearic island altogether. But don’t! Because you’ll miss out on all the awesome things the island has to offer, besides sun, sea, and beaches. Don’t believe me? Check out these six reasons why you should visit Mallorca!


Mallorca’s popularity isn’t surprising. It has beautiful white beaches, picturesque villages, stunning nature and impressive rock formations. Moreover, Mallorca is not a huge island and the main roads are great, so you can go and explore the island, even if you’re only on the island for a couple of days. Don’t let the beach bunnies stop you! Here’re six reasons why you should definitely put Mallorca on your wishlist!

1. Exploring cute villages

Mallorca is bursting with charming villages. Especially in the western and northern part of the island, you’ll find dozens of towns worth exploring. The town of Fornalutx is even named the most beautiful village in Spain a few years back. The village isn’t big, nor has a lot of spectacular sights, but is still worth a visit because of its charming and authentic houses and streets. If you have the opportunity, check out Deià, Valdemossa, Banyalbufar (with its beautiful terraces) and Biniaraix as well. Do you prefer larger cities? Then I would definitely recommend giving Sóller and Alcúdia a try!


Bezoek Fornalutx op Mallorca

Fornalutx het mooiste dorpje van SpanjeSinaasappelbomen in de buurt van Fornalutx

Fornalutx is beautifully situated in the mountains and surrounded by colorful orange trees.

2. Taking a dip in remote bays

Mallorca is filled with secluded bays that, if you’re lucky, you’ll have all to yourself. Yes, even in summer! And if you travel off-season, the chances of you chilling on your private beach only grow. In any case, the coastline of Mallorca is very beautiful and versatile. From the long white sandy beaches to rocky bays and high cliffs; a drive along the coast of the island certainly offers something for everyone.


6 reasons to visit MallorcaThinking about visiting Mallorca?


Most cute villages and cities can be found near the coast anyway. If you travel more inland, the country is somewhat flatter, drier and overall less spectacular. But, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is the place to go as there are way fewer tourists in this area. So it’s an excellent opportunity to experience the local life. We found Montuïri to be one of the nicer villages located more inland. But the island is ideal for discovering at your own pace. So make sure you have a car, get out and discover your own hidden gems!

3. Visit Mallorca for its gorgeous nature

Mallorca may have the reputation of being a party island, but there’s a whole lot more to do than just dance and drink. One of those being exploring the awesome nature. Mallorca is great for hiking and biking. The western part of the island is great if you enjoy being in nature. In particular, the Serra de Tramuntana is a great area to explore, as it has been given the World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2011. If you’re looking for a slightly less busy area, you could opt for the northeast of the island, where you’ll find a large nature reserve to explore. The mountains are slightly lower than in the west, but there is still plenty to see.


De klim naar Puig de Massanella

Puig Major, the highest mountain on Mallorca is off limit for hiking as it’s a military zone. Luckily it’s little brother, Puig de Massanella, is quite easy to climb and you can enjoy some awesome views!

Hiken langs de kust bij Deia

4. Mallorca is THE island for a road trip!

Because Mallorca is relatively small, has good roads and renting a car is really cheap (i am talking 50 euro’s for a week!), the island is just perfect for a road trip! A trip around the island (including a drive up to the popular Cap Formentor up north), is roughly 350 kilometers. And that’s even avoiding the highway and driving the scenic route. Perfect for a road trip right? Moreover, you will find nice towns, villages, bays, and places worth seeing all over the island. And with public transport being limited, traveling by car is also the most practical way to get around. 


Indrukwekkende natuur op MallorcaReis naar het westen van Mallorca


Do you like to enjoy some nature on your trip, but don’t feel like hiking or biking? Make sure to check out the amazing coastal road that runs through the Serra de Tramuntana. When you arrive in Palma de Mallorca, head west passing Andratx towards the ocean and follow the winding mountain road along the coast. You could drive all the way to the northernmost tip of the island, where you’ll find the popular lighthouse Cap de Formentor. But don’t forget to make some regular stops along the way to soak up all the beauty Mallorca has to offer. 

5. The delicious food

Ok, so Mallorca is part of Spain, and when I hear Spain I think of tapas! Luckily, in the Balearic Islands, they like their tapas as well and it has to be said: it tastes awesome. A lot of fish, as you might expect on an island. But there’re also plenty of options to chose from if you’re a meat-lover or if you’re into veggies. Do you happen to be close to Puerto Alcudia and do you fancy some great tapas? During our trip to Mallorca, we had some delicious tapas at a restaurant called Ca’n Punyetes. The restaurant is at a nice location in the city center (the harbor!). You certainly don’t have to visit this place for its cozy atmosphere (let’s put it this way: at least your food is well lit …). But it’s the food that counts!

6. Did I mention the awesome views? 

Actually, if you’re like me, there’s only one reason why you would want to visit Mallorca: the spectacular views. And I could have filled this blog with just superlatives for the Mallorcan coastline because it is simply beautiful and incredibly varied. Also, if you have the option (and are on the right side of the island), I would highly recommend to get up early to enjoy a sunrise. As they tend to be even more beautiful than the sunsets … But it’s not just at the coastline where you could enjoy some stunning views. Wherever you are, in the mountains, on the countryside or in one of the pretty villages, you’ll be able to enjoy all the beauty that this Mediterranean island has to offer.



Onderweg naar Cap de FormentorDe zonsondergang op Mallorca


So, did I convince you to visit Mallorca? Or have you already been to this awesome island and have something to add? Please do so in the comments! I would love to hear your views. 


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