The best restaurants in Pokhara: these are our favorite places to eat!

The best restaurants in Pokhara Nepal

When you think of Nepal, ‘food heaven‘ probably isn’t a term that directly comes to mind. And I don’t blame you; a lot of Nepali people often eat the same meal three times a day: rice with dal bhat (lentil soup, curry, and vegetables). And they’re okay with it. As a tourist, you might be […]

Our journey #4: On the road in Nepal

Met de bus naar Tansen in Nepal

Since our last travel diary, we’ve decided where we will travel after Nepal, which will be Malaysia! We’ve booked tickets, and we will leave Nepal on April 25th. Even though we really like Nepal, we’re looking forward to exploring a new country. Especially because my mom and sister come to Malaysia visit us for about […]

Our journey #3: celebrating Holi in Nepal

Celebrating Holi in Nepal

We didn’t plan much for our world trip, but one of the things we knew, is that we were spending a month in Pokhara in March. Why? Mostly because I needed to be available for one of my business customers. A month in Pokhara gave us plenty of time to explore all the sights and […]

Wat te doen in Pokhara? 9 tips!

What to do in Pokhara - lakeside

Pokhara is dé outdoor hoofdstad van de wereld. Omgeven door een paar van de hoogste bergen ter wereld en tal van wandelroutes mag het geen verrassing zijn dat mensen hier vooral voor één ding komen: trektochten in de bergen. Natuurlijk kwamen wij in eerste instantie ook voor een bergtocht, maar we besloten om een tijdje […]

What to do in Pokhara, Nepal: 9 tips

What to do in Pokhara - lakeside

Pokhara is the outdoor capital of the world. Surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the world and tons of hiking trails, it shouldn’t come as a surprise: people visit this town for mountain adventures. And so did we! But we decided to stick around and get to know the city some more. So […]

Our journey #2: our first trekking in Nepal

Awesome sunsets in Nepal

Plans change during traveling. We learned the ‘hard’ way when we arrived in Pokhara. The original plan was to stay in Pokhara for two nights before starting trekking with Valerie and Govinda in a more remote part of the Annapurna mountain range. Unfortunately, Valerie was not recovered from her illness, and that’s putting it mildly… […]