The best restaurants in Pokhara: these are our favorite places to eat!

When you think of Nepal, ‘food heaven‘ probably isn’t a term that directly comes to mind. And I don’t blame you; a lot of Nepali people often eat the same meal three times a day: rice with dal bhat (lentil soup, curry, and vegetables). And they’re okay with it. As a tourist, you might be looking for a bit more variety in your diet, which makes Pokhara the perfect place for you! You can get pretty much any kind of meal in Nepal’s outdoor capital. These are our favorite restaurants in Pokhara.

After spending nearly two months in this city, you can bet we’ve seen plenty of restaurants in Pokhara! We’ve tried so many different kitchens and meals even Tripadvisor says we’re Pokhara experts now 😉 . So if you’re unsure where to eat in Pokhara, let us help you out!

The best restaurants in Pokhara for Nepali food

Let’s face it; if you’re in Nepal, you probably want to try some of that delicious Nepali food (not three times a day, I get it). We absolutely loved dal bhat, and we ate it so much during our time in Nepal. The funny thing is, everybody makes it in their way, which means it doesn’t get boring. Both the vegetables and curry are different all the time. Sometimes there’s yogurt, a papadum or a chapati (roti). The pickle is often homemade, so sometimes it’s spicy, and sometimes it’s a bit sweet. You might have dal bhat with chicken or lamb or without meat altogether (being vegetarian in Nepal is easy!).

A lot of restaurants serve dal baht, so you never have to go far if you crave some. But the prices differ hugely! Two places serve an awesome dal bhat and charge a reasonable price too.

Nepali kitchen

Our Nepali friend Govinda took us to this place for the first time, but we visited this restaurant regularly during our time in Pokhara. It’s a local restaurant, and during lunch hour it is often filled with Nepali’s eating their dal bhat. They have more food on the menu, but we only tried the dal bhat and the chicken and veg momos. Both were delicious! Another pré, this place is so cheap!

Dal Bhat at Nepali Kitchen

Nepali Kitchen – Pragati Marga, Pokhara

Almond’s Cafe

This place is right in the middle of the main street in busy Lakeside but hidden away because it’s on the first floor. Almond’s Cafe sells delicious dal bhat and many other very tasty Nepali/Indian dishes. Juul opted for the chicken or lamb dal bhat almost every time we ate here, but I just loved the paneer butter masala and the butter chicken curry! The staff is super friendly too. There is another branch of Almond’s in non-touristy Old Pokhara, but we always visited the restaurant in Lakeside.

Also, this place has the BEST naan’s we have tasted during our entire trip to Nepal! Especially their garlic naan is a must-try.


Almond’s Cafe – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Where to have breakfast in Pokhara

Our hotel had a great breakfast, so we ate there most of the time, but sometimes we decided to do go out for breakfast. And in Lakeside, Pokhara there are many options to choose from! Most of these places are open for lunch as well, and some of these places are great for digital nomads looking to get some work done too.

AM/PM Organic Cafe

This place would fit right in among breakfast restaurants in any western city. If you’d check out the menu, you would probably never know you’re in Nepal. So if you want to enjoy a western breakfast or lunch, this is the place to go! They have tasty (crunchy!) baguettes, pitas, and even croissants. If you fancy a smoothie bowl or yogurt with fruit and muesli, AM/PM is your best bet too. Their smoothies are simply the best! It has been months, and Juul is still craving their spicy mango smoothie!


AM/PM Organic Cafe – Shiva Mandir Marg, Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Perky Beans

If you’re wondering which cafe has the best wifi in Pokhara, your search is over. Perky Beans has the most stable and high-speed wifi (28 Mbps) we’ve found in Pokhara. They have a great rooftop terrace and tasty food. Especially their ‘sweet’ food is good. Like their pancakes, oatmeal, croissants with Nutella. Juul is more into savory and was a bit disappointed by their sandwiches.

There’s another Perky Beans in North-Lakeside. They serve the same food, but their wifi isn’t as good. They do have nice garden seats with a great view of the Phewa Lake, however. This Perky Beans has another unique thing for Nepal: they serve brown bread with their breakfast sets!


Perky Beans – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese Shop

You might not expect it by the looks of this place, but the Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese shop is actually one of the most popular places to go for a sandwich. Their sandwiches are super tasty, very crunchy and quite cheap too! You do have to be patient, as the preparation can take some time.

Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese Shop – Da Yatra St, Pokhara

White Rabbit Coffee

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve visited White Rabbit Coffee. Their sandwiches are so good, and their coffee is too! They serve thin French fries with most dishes, and the fries actually taste good, unlike many other places in Pokhara. Another reason we visited often is their wifi. It is very decent (10,4 Mbps), and we could definitely get some work done in their comfortable seats.


White Rabbit Coffee – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

You & I

Another Dutch travel couple told us about You & I, a little lunchroom in North Lakeside, so we decided to check it out. And as we were told, their food is awesome! As is their coffee. The decoration might be a bit simple, but the food certainly isn’t. Their handmade menus are a nice touch as well.


You & I – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

Mint’s Hut

We found out about Mint’s hut after a few weeks in Pokhara. This place has a very relaxed vibe, and the best thing is you can come here all day. We often came here after breakfast and just had a coffee or tea and lunch a little later. They offer both Nepali and western dishes and both are very tasty. I can definitely recommend the veg Khaja set. It’s meant as a snack plate that you share with others, but it works just as well as a lunch for one person 😉 .

The only downside to the Mint’s Hut is that it can get pretty hot if it’s sunny outside. They have fans and even an AC, but for some reason, those don’t really help.


Mint’s Hut – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

The Juicery Cafe

If you’re looking for the most hipster place in town, The Juicery Cafe is probably exactly what you’re looking for. They have all kinds of healthy options like smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. But if you’re feeling like cheating, there plenty of less healthy choices too. Their french toast is super tasty, and so are their cakes! Oh, they make their sourdough bread from scratch! And they offer lots of vegetarian and vegan options. It’s an open-air restaurant by the Phewa Lake, and during lunch hour, it’s often full. They also offer yoga classes.


The Juicery Cafe – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

Cafe 17 French Bakery

If you’re in North Lakeside and don’t want to walk all the way to AM/PM on the other side of Lakeside, Cafe 17 French Bakery will be your go-to place for your crunchy baguettes and French croissants and other pastries. Their sandwiches are baked in the cafe, which you can probably smell from time to time.


Cafe 17 French Bakery – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

Metro Crêpes

If you feel like crêpes, Metro Crêpes will definitely satisfy your every need. They have all kinds of sweet and savory pancakes. The chocolate peanut butter, banana peanut butter, and the apple caramel cream crêpes, for instance, are all heavenly and will leave you feeling full for quite some time!

They have a rooftop terrace with lake view and great wifi (27,3 Mbps), great to get some work done!


Metro Crêpes – Devisthan Margha, Pokhara

Wheat to Sweet

This list wouldn’t be complete without including the best bakery in Nepal: Wheat to Sweet. This small bakery is located in North Lakeside and sells the best sweet pieces of bread and cakes in the whole of Nepal (as far as I can judge that 😉 ). Especially their cinnamon rolls are almost like the ones we had in Sweden (unlike most of the dry cinnamon rolls we had in Nepal).

Wheat to Sweet – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

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Where to eat in Pokhara

Some of the restaurants I mentioned in the lunch-section, might still be open and serve a nice dinner as well. Mint’s Hut, for instance, is an excellent option for dinner too! But there are plenty of other restaurants in Pokhara you can choose from. These are our favorite options for dinner.

Caffe Concerto

It’s not hard to get a pizza in Pokhara. It ís hard to get a decent pizza in Pokhara. There are many pizza places along the main road, but if you feel like an actual tasty pizza that isn’t simply pulled out of the freezer and put in the oven, go to Caffe Concerto. It’s located a bit south on the main road, but it’s worth it. Their pizzas are a little piece of Italy in Nepal, and the restaurant is nicely decorated as well. Besides pizzas, their menu also offers all kinds of other Italian food like pasta, bruschettas, salads and of course gelato. The fireplace in the middle of the restaurant gives the place a very cozy feeling.

The food is a bit pricey compared to other food options in Pokhara, but hey, you’ve got to treat yourself from time to time.

Caffe Concerto – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara


The first time we ate at Momotarou was in Thamel, Kathmandu and it was awesome! So when we found out there was a Momotarou in Pokhara as well, we were delighted. We’ve been there a couple of times, and it was quiet for most of those visits, but the food was delicious. They serve mostly Japanese food and some local food as well. But if you go and eat here, go for the Japanese. I just love their tofu don!


Momotarou – Baidam Rd, Pokhara

Little Windows

The first time we ate at Little Windows, the restaurant was packed, and we could barely get a table. When we did, it took like forever to get the food. But when we did get it, we were blown away by how tasty it was. You can’t find better fajitas in any restaurant in Pokhara! They come with a big plate of mixed vegetables and whatever kind of meat you chose (or just veggies), two tortillas, salsa, avocado smash, cheese, and even sour cream! The other times we visited, we got our food way faster.

They also serve breakfast that seems good, but we haven’t tried it ourselves.

Little Windows – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Tea Time Bamboostan

Even though this place is right at the main road in Pokhara, we didn’t eat here until one of our last weeks in Pokhara. But when we did, we kept coming back here! You can sit both inside (at the fireplace) and outside (great for people-watching). The food is reasonably priced, but some of the portions are a bit small. Their Chicken Tikka is fantastic, however!

Tea Time Bamboostan – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Olive Cafe

The Olive Cafe was one of the first places we went to when we arrived in Pokhara. Their menu is kind of a confusing, as they serve food from all over the world. We had a delicious Pad Thai at Olive Cafe, but their bruschetta is great too. They also serve steaks, burgers, pizzas, and Nepali food. You can sit right by the road, if you enjoy watching people walking by, inside or in their quiet garden at the back.


Olive Cafe  – Lakeside Rd, Pokhara

Mo2’s Delights

Every time we visited Mo2’s Delights, we were surprised about how cheap their food is! They serve all kinds of momos (both spicy and not spicy) and vegetarian dishes (their Veg Pakora is heavenly) and maybe the best dessert we’ve had in Nepal: cholate momos! We kept coming back here during our stay in Pokhara.


Mo2’s Delights – Barahi Path, Pokhara


If you’re having a romantic evening planned, make sure to include a meal at OR2K. They might have the best view of all restaurants in Pokhara! Get there early so you can get one of the seats right at the window (or sit outside if it’s not too cold) and watch the sunset over the lake. OR2K offers trendy middle eastern food and its tasty! If that isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they also have far east food (like Nepali or Thai) and even some western food. Their Buddha Bowls are a great choice 🙂 There’s an OR2K restaurant in Kathmandu too.


OR2K – baidam 6, centerpoint complex, hallan chok, Pokhara

Things you have to know about restaurants in Pokhara

As you may know, the cow is considered holy in Nepal. Nepali people don’t eat beef, and frankly, most of the restaurants don’t even have beef on their menu. But some do, and that might confuse you. It sure confused us when we first saw it. If you do order beef, you’ll probably end up with buffalo meat instead. They won’t tell you, and it does have a similar taste. But it seems like some tourists just really wanted beef, and they found this ‘workaround’ to make their customers happy. So if you see beef on the menu, just assume it’s buffalo instead.

Another thing: don’t expect your dishes to be served at the same time, or your entrees to be served before the main course. You get your food when it’s ready 🙂

Bonus: the best street food in Pokhara

Pokhara, or Nepal for that matter, isn’t known for its awesome street food. In fact, it might be wise to stay away from it if you don’t want to spend an entire night in the bathroom… But there are some exceptions! Govinda took us to an awesome little street food joint run by a middle-aged Nepali couple. They only sell vegetarian items, and we’ve pretty much tried them all!


We visited this place countless times during our stay in Nepal, and it was our favorite place to grab a quick dinner. But it’s a perfect mid-day snack as well.

Where can I find the best restaurants in Pokhara?

In this map, I’ve added all the restaurants in Pokhara I mentioned in this blog. The red ones are the Nepali restaurants, the blue pins are great for breakfast and/or lunch, and the purple pins are your go-to places for dinner.

How about you? Have you ever been to Nepal? Tell me about your favorite restaurants in Pokhara in the comments.

The best restaurants in Pokhara Nepal


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