What to do in Bangkok? Our 11 hotspots & off the beaten track tips

Wat te doen in Bangkok - 11 hotspots en off the beaten track tips

Bangkok, a city most people either absolutely hate and want to leave as soon as possible, or totally love and can’t get enough of. Truth is Bangkok ís an awesome city with a very unique vibe. There’s plenty to do and visit, both touristy hot spots and hidden gems. If you’re wondering what to do […]

22 amazing and cheap Airbnb accommodations in Asia

Beste Airbnb accommodatie in Azië

If you’re traveling in Asia, chances are you’ll end up in one of the many Airbnb accommodations in Asia sooner or later. But there are so many listings on the website… Where to start? We’ve gathered 22 awesome accommodations all over South East Asia! Besides being totally unique, most of these places to sleep will […]

13 tips for your first trip to Thailand

Tips voor je eerste reis naar Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, and its, cheap, delicious food. Not surprising that it is a top-rated destination among backpackers. But if you’ve never been to Thailand, all the stories that you hear about it may not work in the country’s favor … Is it really thát beautiful? Is it not […]