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The United Kingdom is such a versatile country. From citytrips to active holidays: everything is possible in the UK.

Good to know

Capital: London
Language: English
Currency: Pound (£)
Dial code: 0044 / +44
Emergency number: 112
Highest point: 1345 m (Ben Nevis)
Travel advice: Check out the current travel advice for the United Kingdom

If you’re an EU inhabitant, you don’t need a visa (*yet) if you’re traveling to the United Kingdom. However, you do need a valid passport or an ID card to be able to identify yourself if needed. Due to the Schengen agreement only people from third world countries and people that have been rejected for a visa in one of the Schengen countries before, need a visa prior to traveling to the United Kingdom.

* Please note: this can change after Brexit

There are no mandatory or recommended vaccinations for the United Kingdom.



The price level in the UK is about the same as that of it’s surrounding countries. Prices in big cities like London are generally more expensive. Depending on the season in which you travel and the place you go, the daily costs may be slightly higher or lower.

Budget€45,- a day
Standard€55,- a day

The budgets mentioned above, are per person per day. In the ‘Budget’ category you stay in simple hostels, you will have to prepare food yourself sometimes and do cheaper (or less) activities. With the ‘Standard’ category you’ll have a private room (maybe in a hostel) and you can go out for dinner.

The best time to travel

When you’re traveling to the United Kingdom, it’s wise to prepare yourself for rain, whenever you’re traveling. The weather changes often, especially in Scotland, which has one of the highest amounts of rain in the whole of Europe. In Scotland, we once experienced hail, rain, snow, and sunshine within the hour… The best time to travel to the UK is either May or June, but traveling during summer is often fine too. The weather almost never gets too hot to handle.

A few facts

The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Even though it’s officially one country, the separate areas are often referred to as separate countries. In Scotland, they even pay with their own currency: the Scottish pound. They do accept normal British pounds though. Fun fact for those of you looking for an adventurous trip: Scotland has its own rules, one of them is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code which states you can pitch a tent almost anywhere. In other parts of the United Kingdom, wild camping is prohibited.

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