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Norway is a mecca for those looking to get back to basic in nature, but city lovers can also enjoy themselves in cities such as Oslo, Bergen or Tromsø. With its impressive fjords, beautiful landscapes and vast forests, Norway is an ideal destination for hiking, biking and all things outdoor.
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Good to know

Capital: Oslo
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Dial code: 0047 / +47
Emergency number: 112
Highest point: 2.469 m (Galdhøpiggen)
Travel advice: Check out the current travel advice for Norway

If you’re an EU inhabitant, you don’t need a visa if you’re traveling to Norway. However, you do need a valid passport or an ID card to be able to identify yourself if needed. Due to the Schengen agreement only people from third world countries and people that have been rejected for a visa in one of the Schengen countries before, need a visa prior to traveling to Norway.

There are no mandatory or recommended vaccinations for Norway. Only when you plan on visiting the southern part of Norway, it might be wise to get a vaccination for tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). But that really depends on what you’re planning to do there.

Overal wildkamperen in Noorwegen


Prices in Norway are way up compared to prices in the rest of western Europe. Groceries, accommodations, dining out and alcohol are a lot more expensive than you might be accustomed to. In the northern part of Norway, prices tend to be slightly higher than in the south.

Budget€60,- a day
Standard€75,- a day

The budgets mentioned above, are per person per day. In the ‘Budget’ category you stay in simple hostels or on campsites, you will have to prepare food yourself most of the time and do cheaper (or less) activities. With the ‘Standard’ category you’ll have a private room (maybe in a hostel) and you can go out for dinner some days. If you want to eat out every day, your daily budget will increase considerably.

The best time to travel

In Norway, each season has its charm. In the summer the sun does not set in the north for a few months (!), Which is a special thing to experience. During winter, you’ll have the chance to see the northern lights, and you can opt for beautiful trips with sled dogs. The summers in Norway can be cold and wet, but also sunny and pleasant. The best time to travel to Norway for an active walking or cycling holiday is from May to August.

A few facts

In Norway, they have a thing called allemannsretten, or: the right to roam. This means that you can ‘roam around’ anywhere. As long as you do not harm nature or agricultural crops and do not disturb any landowner, you can walk, cycle, swim, sail, camp and pick unprotected flowers, mushrooms or berries everywhere. Fishing or hunting is not allowed. The right to roam is so important for the Norwegians that it is even included in the law. At the same time, they are also very careful with their nature and expect nothing less from tourists visiting the country.
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