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Take a former outdoor sports instructor and an online marketer that both love their backpack, and have a shared passion for discovering the world. Let them fantasize about long journeys, exploring new places and brainstorming about ways to share their experiences with others and Dutchies Abroad is born!

We are Juul and Britte, two Dutchies who left everything behind to travel the world, explore the unknown and live by our tagline: just get out there! We discover new destinations, where we check out both the beaten and unbeaten tracks and challenge ourselves to try new things and visit new destinations. The challenge of traveling on a small budget, reaching remote destinations or pushing boundaries excites us and makes us want to see even more of this awesome world 🙂

We love to share our experiences, inspire you on how to make the most of your trips and show you the most beautiful spots in the world. Tag along and follow our journey on our blog and social channels!

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them using the form below or by sending an email to ask@dutchies-abroad.com. We invite you to tag along with our journey! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and stay up to date on our travel itinerary!

Britte Koppel

Traveling has been one of her favorite things for years now, but she’s not done discovering the world. Pushing boundaries, exploring the adventure and meeting new people everywhere, that sounds like a dream to her. She’s also very happy when there’s a plate filled with delicious food in front of her. So wherever she travels, you bet there’s good food 🙂 She likes to stroll through unknown cities and occasionally pretends to be a photographer. With varying degrees of success … During the day, she’s working for her own marketing and communication agency and she’s constantly looking for new ways to improve herself and her business. For her, traveling is a way to discover yourself.

Juul Sam

When he was younger, he always went camping with his parents. Hiking was something his parents told him to do, but now it’s something he loves. He even went to school for it and became a certified outdoor instructor. Worked in Slovenia for seven summers and got his needed dose of adrenaline there. When he met Britte, he was also introduced to her camera. He has since left mountaineering as a profession and is well on his way to becoming a photographer!

Let’s team up!

Do you wish to target your audience in a fitting, approachable way? Then we would like to become acquainted with you and your brand, travel destination or product. We always work with tailor-made partnerships and offer you and our readers no ‘one size fits all’.

We can use our website and social channels in different ways, depending on the goals you want to achieve with your campaign. Social sponsorship, advertorials, press trips, affiliate programs, guest articles … We love to think outside the box! Britte’s background in online marketing helps you to get the most out of your campaign.

Do you want to hear more about the possibilities or just talk things over? Send us an email at ask@dutchies-abroad.com or check us out on Facebook and send us a chat.

A small disclaimer

When we publish advertorials or sponsored posts, we will always keep our readers in mind. All articles on Dutchies-Abroad.com are based on our own opinion or personal experiences, even if the content is paid for. To make sure our readers know the article is a sponsored one, we add a line saying ‘advertorial’ under the article. We are honest and open about our opinion to our followers and a product or destination will never be presented better or different than it is.

This year we’ll be:

On a world trip! We’ll visit Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

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